My Favourite YouTubers

I seem to have a real obsession with lists, the majority of my posts seem to have taken on some sort of list form, but hey, it’s what I’m good at…lets roll with it.

So if I’m honest, the reason I made this blog is actually because I really wanted (and still desperately want/ aim to) start a YouTube channel, but did not have the camera for it, nor the means to purchase one, and decided that a blog was the next best thing.

I find YouTube so inspiring. It is used in a whole host of different ways, but I tend to gravitate towards certain channels and personalities. So if you’re looking to get inspired or are just searching for a new form of procrastination, check some of these gals out.

All Rounders

These two ladies are my absolute most favourite YouTubers of all time. They share the same interests as me and all their channel content focuses on stuff that inspires and interests me; fitness, organisation, veganism, positivity, self love… the list goes on. Needless to say, Kalyn and Erin have it all.

Kalyn Nicholson 

An angel, a gift to YouTube…words cannot explain how much of a girl crush and life goals Kalyn is. Her blog focuses on veganism, organisation, self help, fitness, her life, her adorable dog Bentley and in my eyes, everything she uploads is pure gold. She is another vital part of the complex web that led to my veganism, as she demonstrates just how easy it can be. The majority of her videos are advice based and are incredibly motivational, and she updates her channel twice a week with new videos. Although she appears to have this perfect life, she is very real about her struggles, the less glamorous element of her existence and talks openly about her mental health. Before Kalyn I didn’t really utilise YouTube. But one day I was looking to get inspired and she popped up. I have binged watched her videos multiple times and even have a YouTube playlist simply named ‘Best of Kalyn’.

Favourite Video: It is so impossible to pick, but this is one I find myself frequently going back to watch again and again.

Erin May Henry 

Another inspirational lady who in my eyes has it all. The tagline of her channel is about ‘creating your own path to health, wealth and happiness’ and she does exactly that. She is incredibly motivational and inspiring, and also doesn’t shy away from showing the that no one is perfect and is very down to earth. I absolutely adore her ‘Girl Boss 101’ series and find her motivation so inspiring. She also opened up the concept of the Law of Attraction and the idea of manifesting to me, something which has had a very positive impact on my life in the last month or so.

Favourite video: Pretty much anything from her girlboss series, but this one in particular motivates me and demonstrates what she is all about.


These two channels are sorta similar in many ways, they focus predominantly on minimalism, self love and simplifying your life. I think they are so calming and wonderful and although I don’t get the overwhelming ‘I WANT TO BE YOU’ feeling that I get for Erin and Kalyn, I love Muchelle and Eileen, their chatty style and their honestly. So refreshing.


God I love this lady. The aesthetic of her channel (eep cringe sorry) is fantastic, so calm, pink and minimalist. She is so chill and positive and really has her shit together. With Muchelle, she has a few priorities (minimalism, simplicity and self love) and sticks to those three things, and does so really well. I love love LOVE her ’30 day simplify your life challenge’ and she has encouraged me to make my life just a bit more minimal.

Favourite video: Probably not my ultimate favourite, but a good example of how her channel works.


I found Lavendaire on Muchelle’s recommendation. They have really similar channels, but Lavandaire is a lovely channel as it focuses so heavily on self love, care and happiness. She also isn’t afraid to speak out about socially ‘taboo’ topics and is such a real person. Plus she gets bonus points for always having such gorgeous hair.

Favourite video: Everytime I watch this I just wanna do an hour of deep breathing and drink a pint of green tea. So motivating and lovely.


Both UK based and university students. Grace and Carys are absolute body goals. I originally found them on the fitness side of instagram, became mildly obsessed and then discovered they had YouTube channels, hurruh for multiple forms of stalkable social media!!


BusyBee a.k.a. Carys is so funny, informative and smart. She is a maths student at Exeter and knows everything there is to know about booty gains. She does a whole range of advice videos which are great for beginners or those, like me, who are interested into getting into heavy lifting. She also really clearly explains how to calculate macros and other useful fitness tips like that. She also does a fair amount of vlogging her day to day life which is always really funny and real, demonstrating how her gym-bunny lifestyle is fun and attainable. She also gets bonus points for being a UK student so everything is super applicable to my life and shows you how you can look incredible on a budget.

Favourite video:  Shows just how knowledgable, passionate and informative she is.


I still cannot get over how incredible Grace Beverly is. She’s my age, is studying music at Oxford University, has a YouTube and super famous instagram account and juggles all three whilst still getting time to gym her heart out and socialise. I do not understand, my only theory is that she’s a demi-God. Regardless of whether or not she is fully human, she is brilliant. Her YouTube channels are always minimally edited and in a very vloggy style so you really feel like you get to know her. She is so passionate about fitness, really knows her stuff and has taught me all about heavy lifting. She’s so inspiring I am currently saving up to buy her fitness guide.

Favourite video: Technically this is a video she did with GymShark, but sums her up perfectly.



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